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Fuseboard upgrades
New light fittings
Garden Lights and sockets
Security lights
Inspection and Testing
An extra socket
Garages and outbuildings

Fuseboard Upgrades
A modern consumer unit with miniature circuit breakers (MCB's) and Residual Current Devices (RCD) offer greater protection from electric shock for you and your family. Circuits are easily identified and isolated and when they trip and are easily reset at the touch of a switch. Old fashioned re-wireable fuses are a sure sign of an older installation and are difficult to fix when they blow. They can allow a circuit; they are supposed to be
protecting, to draw more current than is safe. Properly installed a new consumer unit will provide you with plenty of spare capacity for the future and greater safety.

Following the introduction of the 17th Edition British Standard Wiring Regulations in July 2008 it is unlikely that any installation work in a domestic property could proceed without there being a modern consumer unit
with RCD protection in place. So now there is even more reason to to get rid of your old board and upgrade.

New Light Fittings

New lights can add loads of atmosphere to a room and there are so many new types to choose from. Concealed strips, under cupboard lights, Low Voltage Downlighters, track lights, low level lighting circuits.
When you have spent a fortune on a new light fitting at Heals you'll want to entrust it to someone who is experienced in fitting those fancy lights that can be so difficult to put up!

Garden Lights and Sockets
Taking electricity outdoors needs special care but can beautifully enhance a garden with patio lighting, concealed lighting in the planting, and running water features.
RCD protected outdoor sockets are much safer than a string of extension leads passed through a kitchen window when using power tools and lawn mowers and other equipment.

Security Lights
Is your front door in darkness? Do you fumble for your keys? Is the driveway like a minefield at night? Carefully positioned Passive Infrared Detectors can automatically light the approaches to your house giving greater
security, deterring burglars and make negotiating the path easier.

Inspection and Testing
A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is like an M O T of a properties electrical installation. The report compares the state wiring, cables, sockets, earthing, and fuseboards with the current edition of the IEE Wiring
Regulations (BS 7671). Then the homeowner can then get an electrician to advise what work would need to done to bring the installation up to the current regulations.
House buyers often engage an electrician to produce such a report if they have any concerns about the state of the electrics, and it may help them come to a decision.
Wiring and Building Regulations are always being changed and many houses would fail to meet some aspects of the new rules. This does not necessarily mean the house is unsafe. A PIR would give you a balanced view and help you to make up your mind.

An extra socket
Is your computer area or TV a mass of tangled adaptors and trailing extension leads?
Too many of these in a house is a sure sign that you need a few well placed extra sockets and is not only a hazard of overloading but a trip hazard also.
Before they can be installed a qualified electrician will thoroughly check whether the intended circuit is healthy and suitable to be modified. All too often the unqualified and the DIY er will extend a circuit and cause a
potential hazard.

Garages and Outbuildings
Taking electricity down the garden to the garage or to the summerhouse needs very special care. Otherwise the user will be exposed to a greater risk of electric shock and the building to risk of fire.

Customers will receive the appropriate NICEIC Installation Certificates and if the work is notifiable then they will also receive a Certificate of Compliance from the Local Authority.