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Part P

Part P

On Jan 1st 2005 legislation came into force that brought electrical safety and standards of installation under the remit of The Building Regulations. It also changed the responsibilities of the owner, when they are embarking on some electrical work, by requiring that some kinds of work must be notified to the local authority. This work has to be of a certain standard, comply with the building regulations and be certificated as such.

It set up a system whereby for the first time only properly qualified and Government registered electricians were able to self certify compliance with the building regs, and gave them a route to get their customers work properly notified to Local Authority Building Control (LABC).

If you, as a homeowner, do notifiable electrical work in your house or allow work to be done by someone else and the LABC is not told then the authority has the power to either have the work removed or force you to alter it.

By using an NICEIC electrician all of the above is taken care of giving you peace of mind.
On completion of notifiable work, you will be issued with an Electrical Installation Certificate by your electrician. Once your Local Authority has been notified, you will receive a further Certificate of Compliance for the work carried out.